How to make a YouTube channel! Introducing methods and examples of how companies use them in their businesses

                      How To Create YouTube Channel In 2023

 Due to the refraining from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, more people are spending more time at home and using video distribution and video-sharing services. In particular, the number of users of YouTube, a video SNS, is increasing. Since 2020, the number of YouTube viewers in Japan has increased dramatically. As of  2022, the number of monthly YouTube users has exceeded 69 million, and the range of usage is expanding.


Many people watch YouTube on mobile phones and PCs, and it is a platform where you can easily enjoy videos anytime, anywhere. With the increase in shared video content and changes in people's viewing styles, YouTube is becoming an integral part of people's daily lives.

In response to this trend, an increasing number of companies are opening and operating YouTube channels. Here, we will introduce the features of YouTube, how to create a corporate channel and examples of corporate use.

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What is YouTube

Preparing to open a YouTube channel

How to create a corporate YouTube channel

Companies using YouTube

Summary: Use YouTube videos to communicate your company and products in depth

What is YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform on the Internet. In addition to watching uploaded videos, you can also create and upload your own videos. As of May 2021, the number of monthly YouTube users in Japan has exceeded 69 million, and its existence is becoming "an indispensable part of people's daily lives."

YouTube user demographics and usage trends

YouTube videos tend to be viewed mainly by young people, but according to Google, more than 25 million people aged 45 to 64 in Japan watch YouTube. This number accounts for 75% of the total population of the same age, and you can see that a wide range of age groups are watching.

Viewing styles are also changing, and recently more than 20 million people watch YouTube on TVs that are connected to the Internet (connected TVs). Many of them watch with their families, partners and friends. Until now, many people have enjoyed watching the videos they like or want to watch alone on their mobile phones or PCs. I'm here.

With the increase in the number of YouTube users, the amount of shared video content has increased, and it can be said that there are more options for watching YouTube than just watching TV.

Significance of companies using YouTube

As a video SNS, YouTube has advantages that other SNS do not have.

・Video-centered content delivery

YouTube originally expanded its use as a video sharing platform, and watching long content is commonplace. Therefore, it is a feature that you can watch long videos that are skipped on other SNS. For example, information that cannot be conveyed in a short time, such as how to use a product and its benefits, can be conveyed in a more in-depth and easy-to-understand manner. Expanding the use of YouTube

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Survey on Usage Time and Information Behavior of Information Communication Media" every year, the usage rate of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is on the rise, but there is a bias depending on the age group. , YouTube is a media that is used by a wide range of people regardless of age or gender. Also, the number is increasing year by year.Strong in SEO (search engine optimization)

When you use a search engine like Google, do you see YouTube videos appearing in search results?

When search results are displayed, video content tends to be judged as useful information for users, and YouTube videos may also appear at the top of Google search results. Although the detailed algorithm has not been published, video content that is displayed high on YouTube is also likely to be displayed high on Google search results.

YouTube is taking root in people's lives due to the enrichment of content and changes in viewing styles. Considering the characteristics of the medium, the use of YouTube by companies has increased in order to deepen connections with users.

Since the production hurdles are high to start with "Let's start YouTube for the time being", it is necessary to clarify the purpose. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking about operating a corporate channel or advertising distribution on YouTube, or if you are thinking about marketing measures in combination with other SNS media.

Preparing to open a YouTube channel

To start a YouTube channel, you first need to create a Google account. Since the YouTube channel is closely linked to the Google account, when operating as an official corporate channel, we recommend that you create a business account instead of a personal account on the premise that the Google account will also be used by the company. .

Once you have created your Google account, the first step is to prepare what you need to start a YouTube channel.

How To Create YouTube Channel In 2023

① Photo (profile picture)                                      

YouTube icon image. Appears next to videos and comments wherever your channel appears.

Image size should be a square or circular image (4MB or less) displayed at 98x98 pixels, with 800x800 pixels recommended

.② Banner image

The image is displayed across the top of the channel.                                   

Images with a 16:9 aspect ratio and at least 2048 x 1152 pixels (6MB or smaller) are recommended.

The minimum size safe area for text and logos is 1235 x 338 pixels, and images outside this range may appear cut off in some views and devices

.③ Channel name 

If you're running a corporate channel, make sure it's a company name, brand name, or something else that identifies it as an official corporate channel.

④ Description (channel description)                                          

This is the explanation column about the channel. Your description will show up in your channel's About section, search results, and other places, so make sure it's clear about your channel, such as what your company offers, what you're publishing, and more.

⑤ Link                                                

You can enter the URL of a company page, product purchase site, etc.

⑥ Contact information                                           

You can enter your email address as a contact. The email address you enter will appear in the About section of the channel, and can be viewed by users.How to create a corporate YouTube channel

1. Create a channel

When you log in with your pre-registered Google account and access YouTube, you are already logged in to YouTube. You can create a channel by tapping the icon in the upper right and clicking "Create Channel".

Basically, the steps to create a channel are the same whether you create an individual channel or a company channel.

When you click "Create Channel", a screen for entering "Name": account name and "Image": YouTube account icon image will be launched. Enter the ① image and ③ channel name prepared here, and click "Create channel".2. Development of channels

After creating a channel, enter the information you prepared in advance from "Customize Channel" > "Branding" and "Basic Information" to arrange the page.Profile image size should be a square or circular image (4MB or less) displayed at 98x98 pixels, with 800x800 pixels recommended.

Use a YouTube banner image size of at least 2048 x 1152 pixels and no larger than 6MB.Include a brief description of the channel you are creating. We recommend that you enter details that show the details of the channel, such as the company's services/products and the contents of the content to be sent.

③ Link

YouTube link addition setting column

Enter the URL of your company page, product purchase site, etc.

④ Contact information YouTube contact information setting field

You can enter your email address as a contact. Enter the contact information for the company's customer service.

3. Upload video

Click "Content" in the menu list, and click "Upload Video" from "Create" in the upper right. Upload your video.

YouTube video upload

Checking the "Title" and "Audience" information of the video is mandatory.

Other items are optional, but in order to effectively deliver information to users, set the video description and thumbnail settings.

YouTube uploads detailed setting screen1

What is a "viewer" on the YouTube upload screen?

"Audience" information is required to be set to protect children. Ads and notifications are not available for children's content, but it is more likely to be recommended with other children's content. If you need age restrictions such as alcohol, let's set it from the details.

You Tube advanced settings screen 2

Once you have entered the details, make your public settings. You can select from three options: "Private", "Limited", and "Public".

You can still share videos even if they are private.

In the case of unlisted, it will be open only to those who know the URL, and it can also be used for YouTube ads.

In order to deliver information to a large number of users, we recommend that you set it to "Public" as a general rule. let's do

YouTube public setting screen

Companies using YouTube

An increasing number of companies are using YouTube as part of their marketing strategies, but simply opening a channel and publishing videos is not expected to be effective. It is important to understand the characteristics of YouTube and send out the content that users are looking for.

From here, we will introduce the efforts of companies that actually operate corporate YouTube channels.

YouTube channel: 

"Suntory Official Channel" is a YouTube channel operated by Suntory Holdings Limited. In addition to being an easy-to-view channel with organized video categories, the feature is that the content is also substantial. The videos released are not only product commercials, but also a wide variety of contents such as collaboration contents with characters, contents introducing how to enjoy alcohol, and YouTube dramas. Online live performances are also held on YouTube, and there is a wealth of YouTube original content that will keep users entertained.

■Northern Europe, a tool store for living

Scandinavian living tool exhibition official channel

YouTube Channel: Northern Europe, Living Tool Exhibition

"Northern Europe, living tool store" is a YouTube channel operated by Classiccom Co., Ltd., which sells living tools and clothes on EC sites. On this channel, various contents such as room tours, morning routines, original dramas, and introductions to living in Northern Europe are released under the theme of "Let's create a life that fits". The quality of each video is high, and it is characterized by immersive content that allows viewers to share the time and space flowing in the video. This is an example of branding the company through video content, rather than introducing its own products in the YouTube video. In addition to YouTube, the number of followers on Instagram is about 1.23 million, and the number of fans on Facebook is about 420,000.Summary: Use YouTube videos to communicate your company and products in depth

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in 2020, the number of people using video distribution and video sharing services has increased, and the number of YouTube users has increased dramatically. YouTube has become an indispensable part of people's lives, with usage styles changing, such as "people who enjoy using mobile phones" and "people who enjoy watching TV with their families and partners".

The age range of users is wide, and YouTube can visually convey a lot of information using videos. It seems that it can contribute to promotion. When operating YouTube, first determine the direction and purpose of your company's use, and think carefully about who to send and what kind of information to send.

Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos is not the only way to succeed. The important point is to make use of YouTube ads to make new users aware of the existence of your channel and to create attractive content for users to watch. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking about operating a corporate channel or advertising distribution on YouTube, or if you are thinking about marketing measures in combination with other SNS media