Importance of Blogging in SEO


Importance of Blogging in SEO
By publishing interactive content on technology, innovation, key problem scenarios, products and services, and other industry updates, businesses can capture audience attention, provide value to readers, and increase their engagement. 

A relevant, interactive, and quality blog organically increases your number of website visitors and helps improve the position of your website on search engine pages. Additionally, thoughtful and educative blogs support establishing the company in a thought leadership position. It increases your credibility and reliability among consumers and further expands your audience.

Consistent Blogging and the Benefits

In blogging, consistency is the key to achieving success and yielding several benefits. Here are some benefits that blogging offers businesses when strategically integrated with consistency and quality.  

Importance of Blogging in SEO

Consumer Engagement 

Consumer engagement reflects the amount of interaction a brand has with its customers. Commitment to a regular blogging schedule helps you build an engaging relationship with your customers. 

Big brands like IBM, Google, Starbucks, and Microsoft follow regular blogging as their marketing strategy to interact with their customers. Starbucks' regular blogging reveals various aspects of how they source their ingredients, launch new drinks, and several tea and coffee recipes, helping build relationships with their target audience. 

From big giants to small-scale industries, blogging has the potential to increase website traffic, especially from organic search and social media. 

Showcase Your Services as Solutions

Blogs provide the perfect platform to showcase your products or services, which provide solutions to an existential query of the audience. It is essential to be transparent in today's market. Therefore, we should highlight factors like price, warranties, specs, pros/cons, good-fits/bad-fits, implementation process, etc., of the product or services.

Blogs enable the sales team to answer queries or some old questions that they spend time fielding every day. It helps save the effort and time of the sales team. 

Generate Organic Traffic to the Website

Importance of Blogging in SEO

Blogs are a great way to drive organic traffic to the website. Whenever we create and publish a blog, it generates one more index page that gets indexed by the search engine. The page gets retrieved and displayed in the SERP whenever the user search using the keywords related to the indexed page.

We must create and optimize our blogs with keywords to improve organic clicks. Also, answering the navigations and informational and transactional search queries increase the clicks on the blog page. 

Branding & Establishing the Brand as a Thought Leader

Around 77 percent of internet users read blogs, and businesses can build a brand by providing solutions to customers' problems. The relevant and valuable information helps an organization showcase its expertise. 

Also, publishing valuable content consistently with well research and the latest trends helps stay consistent in forward thinking. It is one of the primary foundations of thought leadership. 

Thought leadership blogging keeps the promotional aspect at the secondary position and acts as a strategy for growth. It supports elevating a start-up or an unknown brand to an esteemed position. 

Conversion Optimization Opportunity

Blogs created strategically generate organic traffic that turns into qualified leads. Some strategies to use while blogging to increase conversion rate are- the use of the right blog post idea, the use of pillar pages and topic clusters, and blog post promotion. 

The strength of a blog post idea depends on customer research that helps to understand hindrances in purchasing your products/services, knowledge or information required by the audience, and the customer journey to fill the gap. A topic cluster is a group of blog articles related to a central topic called a pillar page. It helps extensively cover a topic and each level of customer awareness. Create a blog promotion strategy by identifying various distribution channels to reach the maximum audience and increase the conversion ratio.

Prosper Your Business with Regular and Strategic Blogging

Businesses should put their efforts into consistent and strategic blogging to prosper and grow. Content Inception (CI), a digital marketing company, provides blog writing services that are well-researched and SEO optimized to fit your marketing strategy. Our blogging services focus on industry profiles, target audiences, new trends and techniques, consumer requirements, etc., to provide maximum relevance to the audience and lead gene