Top 10 Electronics Companies in India

 Broadly, top 10 electronic companies in India are in the business of manufacturing and supplying electronic consumer devices. And, the market is full of such items TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, electronic toys and so on.

 Now, you cannot find even a single house or a person without an electronic device. Use of devices such as mobiles, laptops, washing machines, microwaves, etc, has become our common needs. I will tell you a story how much the devices have become a part of our lives.

Just a couple days ago, I was talking to one of my neighbours. He was asking for suggestion what kind of laptop would be suitable for meeting his requirements. His use mostly includes emails, creating world documents, watching movies and listening to music.

 My son overheard the conversation and came over. He interjected us suggesting an entry level laptop for the neighbour. I was appalled at reaction of my son studying in fourth standard.  We cut short our chat to pick it up later in the evening while taking a walk.

Use quality electronic products from reputed brands 

After the neighbour left, my kid started pestering me saying he knew more about electronic devices than me. I agreed completely but the kid was in no mood to let it go.

 He said,” You should have sent the uncle to me for advice. I know everything about home appliances. Papa, aren’t you aware when any device stops working it is me who set them right for Mom.”

I nodded agreeing he was right. I soothed him by clarifying that he was seeking my advice because he was my friend.  Addressing the kid, I told him that his friends would soon start seeking advice from him.

Taking the kid to our living room, I made him to sit on the sofa opposite me. Our discussion needed a bit more exploration. I felt that I must tell him my story. It was also relevant to emphasize the importance of reputation building and underlining the importance of networking.

Catching his attention, I said,” Friends and people consult me on electronic devices because I graduated in electronic engineering from a reputed college in India. After college, I joined one of the leading oxygen gas plant manufacturing companies in India as a trainee instrumentation engineer.

For three years I worked there on designing automatic systems and doing instrumentation for various components needing instrumentation.” 

Requesting to have his say, the kid replied that he would study to build robots for performing all kinds of tasks including household tasks. I wished him good luck adding that I could help him in electronic instrumentation for his robots.

Later in the evening, I met the neighbour for our daily walk. We again picked up our discussion on the use of electronic devices. I recommended him that it is always best to use products from the top10 electronic companies in India. The readers needn’t worry as I will provide a list of well-known electronic brands below:

Prestigious Electronic Companies India 

Voltas Limited

Voltas Limited is the most famous Indian brand for manufacturing air-conditioners and numerous home appliances. The company employs over 5000 people at its various manufacturing plants and repair facilities. Customer support is excellent that is quick to fulfil all requirements that falls under specified product warranty.

 Reasons for choosing Voltas

  • It has largest number of service centres in India 

  • Best AC brand in India 

  • Offers appliance with longest durability  


IFB became famous for manufacturing high quality front loader washing machines. In recent times, the company has expanded its operations to start manufacturing other home appliances. It has established manufacturing plants in Bhopal & Goa.

Benefits of choosing IFB

  • World-class customer support

  • No. 1 brand for manufacturing front load washing machines 

  • Offers high quality products at competitive prices 


Symphony rose to prominence as the manufacturer of high quality air coolers in India.No denying its coolers are made with the best technology. Their products deliver durable performance and are very affordable. They offer the very responsive after sales service.

Advantages of purchasing Symphony

  • Committed to deliver high quality products 

  • Best manufacturer of air coolers 

  • Won many prestigious awards 


Godrej is a leading manufacturer of electronic appliances. It has significant share in the refrigerator and washing machines market. Moreover, it is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in India. The company offers wide range of home appliances including washing machines, TVs, microwaves, etc.

 Reasons for choosing Godrej  

  • Manufactures high performance products 

  • Trusted Indian brand 

  • Uses the latest technology in manufacturing home appliances

Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Bajaj Electricals Ltd is one of the leading electrical manufacturers in India. It is a subsidiary of Bajaj Group.  The company offers wide range of products that deliver reliable and durable performance.

The company now has established global presence exporting to such countries as Algeria, Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Senegal, etc.

Reasons to purchase Bajaj Electricals

  • One of the largest companies with turnover of INR 6744 Cr

  • Offers products with long durability 

  • Very reliable customer service 

Orient Electric 

Orient Electric is one of the prominent manufacturers of electric products in the country. The company is the No.1 brand for making and supplying high quality fans. It also offers products such as switchgear, lighting and home appliances.

Now, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of LED lamps in India. The company is a subsidiary of C K Birla Group.

Reasons for Choosing Orient Electric 

  • Best manufacturer of LED lamps 

  • Satisfies customer requirements 

  • Complies with international quality standards 


Bluestar is an important brand in manufacturing of electronic goods. The company makes world-class ACs that delivers the best cooling solutions with minimum noise, also uses nitrogen gas which produce nitrogen gas plant. It is now recognized one of the top corporate brands in the country. 

Advantages of choosing Bluestar 

  • Best brand for manufacturer of ACs & air coolers

  • 1st choice of Indian customers 

  • One of the oldest electronic product manufacturers 


Onida has been one of the foremost makers of quality consumer electronics. It is one of the few companies that manufacture their products totally in India. It is famous for making wide range of products including LED TVs, home entertainment and mobile phones.

Reasons for choosing Onida 

  • Reliable brand for over 5 decades 

  • Offers durable electronic products 

  • The brand aims to achieve 80% growth 


Havells is one of the leading brands for making and supplying electric goods. The company employs over 6,000 people having 39 branches in different parts of the country. It manufactures high top-notch products including electric wiring, lightning and accessories. 

Advantages of choosing Havells 

  • Best quality makers of ceiling fans 

  • Low consumption of power 

  • Trusted Indian brand 


Orpat is a trusted manufacturer of home appliances that are energy-efficient. Products of the company are popular with customers in India because of their high standards and durability of their products.  

Reasons for choosing Orpat

  • Highly efficient customer service

  • Use of latest high-end technology 

  • Offers durable  electric products